These Roads Are All Broken And Forgotten

Right testing him from this distance just about I should probably be well okay it's 16 April 2020 18 a I am in my in my car why VW are and it's just gone to the clock and driving from Redbone my house and rub onto Plymouth where I live in term time I do this drive every few weeks I'm gonna be talking the whole way it will take around six hours a I won't be talking when I'm taking breaks at service stations I'll only be talking when I'm inside the car I hope that it doesn't stop recording and I hope that the car cleaning out just reversing out of my drive my aim here gas is to pay close attention to all the details of the drive and I don't normally think about to think more carefully about ho

The Flickering Ghost of the Cinema

or How has structuralist cinema influenced the film medium and how can those ideas be applied to new media and developing technology in the art world? “The Cinema is Dead, Long Live the Cinema” is the deliberately provocative opening line and title of a talk by experimental filmmaker Peter Greenaway (Greenaway, 2010). In the talk Greenaway outlines the idea that cinema, and more widely, all mediums within art, are intrinsically tied to the development of technology, and that when the technology behind a medium grows and develops - the medium should grow and develop with it. This is not necessarily a groundbreaking view - he cites examples across art history to backup this point (ie. the deve