This current body of work is developing under the title Foreign Quarry. What initially began as a process-led investigation into the material of the screen - smashing liquid-crystal-displays with stones - opened up into a broader exploration of extinction anxiety, digital violence, and material memory of trauma.


above and left: Visible Wounds, digitally tampered photographs


below: Stones Throw, still from work-in-progress computer software

Impact Site Variationscreen print

This last Plymouth Art Weekender, I co-organised/co-curated an exhibition called NOTOPIA. The show was focused on giving space to unestablished and young artists to showcase work, which we felt was lacking in the Plymouth art scene.

For my own work, I wanted to address and express my distaste towards the upcoming Mayflower celebrations. The video above is titled I met a traveller from an artificial land and was made in collaboration with my techie partner-in-crime Colin le Duc


I performed virtual explorations of the worlds' various Plymouths (UK, USA, Trinidad, Montserrat...): the name coming to represent a brutal legacy of colonialism. These captured, disembodied, Google Streetview journeys were then processed through a neural network to generate an uncanny sequence of hallucinations where landscapes and dwellings are reduced to a smeary approximation: wriggly ontologies: unified through a language of digital decay or confusion.

This college project took inspiration from different literary movements: exploring the history of the Beat Generation and the post-postmodern New Sincerity style: to address notions of memory, censorship & expression, and the search for the soul in an era of social media.

For our end of year show at KARST, I presented an opera titled All the Hills - a collection of sound pieces exploring decaying text and voice - crackling forth from a fallen filing cabinet.


One shard of my practice is the public installation of video games/interactive text works, as performance objects.

This pic to the right is an installation of a work called Between Stations at an event in Hebden Bridge called Feral Vector.

The game is about being in a hotel room, watching TV. As the player reads and clicks through choices with clunky, tactile buttons, the stories slyly coax out confessions and introspection, forcing the player into uncomfortable honesty in the company of strangers.


Designing texts to be read and explored in public space is an interesting challenge and is feeding back into my current work and fascination with artist's books.

and finally, continuing with this pervasive theme of squirming (between media and concept, continuous sort of restlessness), as a researcher and writer I am interested in the crossover points between media: how networks are built up between movements and thought.

To the left, please find a talk I presented at the narrative video game convention AdventureX, at the British Library.

Below, please find a link to my BA dissertation Recompiling the Collapsed Text: post truth // the projected personalAn experimental text that investigates ambient literature, social media context collapse, and the future of networked texts.

Recompiling the Collapsed Text 13.jpg

Please feel encouraged to explore the rest of this website, which is far less organised and cohesive, but contains a whole lot more of my work, that may be of interest. Thank you.​