• Sam Machell

These Roads Are All Broken And Forgotten

Right testing him from this distance just about I should probably be well okay it's 16 April 2020 18 a I am in my in my car why VW are and it's just gone to the clock and driving from Redbone my house and rub onto Plymouth where I live in term time I do this drive every few weeks I'm gonna be talking the whole way it will take around six hours a I won't be talking when I'm taking breaks at service stations I'll only be talking when I'm inside the car I hope that it doesn't stop recording and I hope that the car cleaning out just reversing out of my drive my aim here gas is to pay close attention to all the details of the drive and I don't normally think about to think more carefully about how long it takes how much thought and time spent thinking I can fit into this journey and and to create a six hour long stream of consciousness against these roads are Dragon right now just outside my house there are very very suburban area lots of houses because there was a woman just walking a big dog that was the going on the M1 and going towards the M25 and then after that I will for the another part of this the project is not using my phone for satnav which I guess I do rely on even though I think I know the way so I guess this is also a test of memory test of focus because I'll be most driving carefully and talking constantly thinking of things to say try and describe my feelings and everything I see and things that reminds me of and I'll try and make this somewhat literary I suppose but I don't know how you improvising improvising detailed literary descriptions of things the weather today is overcast so the clouds mostly one colour with their highlights and shadows where the edges roundoff into each other there is no sign sky that is not dark there is still sunny the rain doesn't this trip some points dear although it's been a couple months in the spring trees around mostly still ruthless they are rising the colours mostly rounds in oranges with Svensson Green the the grass is brown sticky strategy almost when grants makes Stinson things in brochures swings away the pain that's how it feels surroundings one of the road signs just then cupboard in mildew although white was becoming green as well everything is these a desaturated colours the real thing that which is outside of developing housing estate and so is possible that they that's weird is that just noting as well flagstone so this field Hertfordshire Showground there are flags in their white and blue shrine wavy strident yellow she'll sitting down dear I don't know what that is must be the the flag of I didn't know flagstone was made when made for the identifying ships in one country ships belonging to Ward will help hold the flag during battle so I don't know must be tradition from now was Moody's flags and sporting events coming round on the M1 I'm quite busy is already in the lorries around it looks as though there's all motorways of the same and so this grassy banks and leafless small trees the from halfway's and on the left hand side there are pylons and wires a's there are low metal fences to my remarriage is right lampposts in the centre the marooned with why white stripe down what is it down to don't delivery the a what looks like a taxi or private taxi a green stone a write the minivan Suburban is hi long over the don't write Ryan so business SOS one of those phone emergency phone signs against thank you just one of those the lines show you as 60 passing another trial is established in 1969 the hill on the left is so low playing a wooden fence newly ploughed field not that you the rounders drying in the sun whitening colour's Ross this field looks like has some hails the now the surroundings consuming further on my lungs I was going off into the distance not strain the is right in assuming Lord green building windows so yet more industrial buildings where attainment you how how the suburban environment residential to almost instantly on this road this this new situation I was think about the not so much just like everyone with just cutting through this space essentially what is one of the quickest ways possible's this stuff everywhere. Everywhere things you don't normally see consider they all this outside of you this once was take forever the waste management to start with really worried that the going six hours some pylons small personal you what what is the place where nowhere someone who lives Right next someone must constantly a Lane 25 the trees and shrubs feels these were all white nice light rain and some Hale Phil White was what Ron clearly recently defined splitting and separating fractals a so small now coming down this going underneath you class roads they feel colossal and small vehicles structures something so strange and disturbing to me about the answers like that some don't exist like Disneyland with areas of abandoned cities there's a Orange and T-Mobile ring rusty barrier the site holding the the side bangs with a and everything the road appears everything is weathered all the pain feels the pain on the road the structures themselves infrastructure building the concrete small speculation Reina's lines running down the side the traffic cones are just all's well that the reflective a as all this was the side rusting the pedestrian bridge over the top feels all is well feel safe so all with they must when really the new road the M25 been reading when they decide to name these rodents the one so that's the first as a 17 I'm noticing that my petrol so regrettably. The stations for there are five strategies I don't know how far away you signs ways to driving through so this is this memory is my left Hart was a all a the normal vintage well always a seven three listing for working how prices of so changing certain the the not sure what structures with the signs on the go over the there's no so yet there is no attempt to find what is very simple minimalist scaffolding the the bollards on the side then minimalist as well it's all completely about the function of these things is not about the there's nothing what they are all we know it's just function the roadsides how rightly there Road signs you changing conditions once the signs showing you where you also there's another I want our Roy yesterday while going down hill the Hill the bank of the letters the the writings the sea three evergreen trees the standout leaves sourcing site then the longest as a highway maintenance from because the moment I can see all raise muted grey wines slate raise silver) 100 Mike is whiteness and what this one then there rumour just as temporary red-and-white this existing wonder why a Everything feels the qualities of the light where it feels as though there's no light clouds of diffused everything and patches of light coming through lighting everything well this was home feels like a there's a green the green trailer absolutely filthy from exhaust the, the non-traditional lorry trailer the rusting bank of the site now since small stones wishes yellow the bank is definitely made netted material science this website passing you so drive slower the fields dropping away that way in the if you Rolling's new someone although hazard lights were flashing some standing reception while bridges crossing over wondering where the no hi across the middle barrier as to diggers temporary's once is bigger building work maybe there science this just there was what looked like one maybe three or four stretches while that is don't know seems strange that you the signed sandbags holding down a more trees again Brown leaflets Hale soon Riding leaves small yellow flowers empty trees race will ensure are you why Hilary's the blood vessels in the lungs a they all mostly very aware of missions really will have to the stops as soon as the when no not so I'm just passing the watching Rick looks so one says he's a Chancellor I always wonder how the the amazing wires sci-fi looking metal poles James houses now also like fire station fire station existing hours empty brick towers self irony themselves just electricity wires crossing over then now while see a plane taking off in the distance what get Heathrow the a why you buildings giant shipping containers where a very fast 73 are has right white light when you knew design point was not not that you 2015 scary dirty she when you Ryan saw the size for the while now Lesley since the there was a Stonewall made from stone and flint Limestone while cycling the once the seeds of bruising with so Somerfield divided with the three Lions a Ron Paul is the diagonal beautiful rustic Way of seeing leading solar panel the so tell water and solar panels forcing by same reflective reflective whilst work quality making this guy this I really don't know sign Laurie you are right really the most sensible thing lorry drivers deadlines so Sango really like to get the game something reliably do during times of stress the moment I decided not to bring work the lesson I believe Len all sales areas are the selling moorings maybe as a building site responsive the containers and ladders Windows what is this place the all conquering side window signs for where Slough a this is so difficult knowing most Royal mail Right now I'm staying right going spiral roads you as a small post with the security most animal you where is the building that is watching footage where is the building multiple ones being I don't know what that is feel Whitefield Whitefield frost water white Suprax is a brown soil why so my right seen anyone so consumers know whilst some in the distance right residential buildings with Windows what's different you the was I don't know the since lives were DHL DHL Marriot Hotel London no dog the wooden fences around the bases the well the left as well although it feels that once a a smoke I always find a smoke smells like smooth there was a it's just engine coolant I'm about 20 miles away Reading don't think that's so I'm still also I am still nervous about the the you Ryan BMW smiling sports as well no that's missing Warren was the horses strangely deals so a semi while the farmers common check occasionally still a horses for this while sign just been in terrible driving this is really one making it more difficult then the which will mean worsening war I will when transfer the sources while friends are all and then print out a we more dictation boring this is a boring myself nothing interesting about this one the same time this is emotionally raw a the that in some ways more dramatic so so like when deliberately having this outburst this to make it more interesting doing it myself one most of this right now so the words plastic bags are those small everywhere else so nice the massive pile of rubble so the way in which the the so you so you so much so what is possible was the our centres white red wine three the rain project there was all Ryan the is signing white fences are you coming down the sides rubbish thrown to the side; rubbish doesn't look like anything the dusty dirty the White yellow rain Everything so I don't know why Michael sweaty services describe my car is very business falling the left side seen slid out there are two water bottles the one the what is really all a a listening turn down way very strong so you is tissues when receipt a Spencer Pringle a's C last my right knee this was my right knee a a dressed the cigarette lighter access the split-second a what so my I don't know whether from all dating back a few years as the missing Syrian no one wants maybe one day they will amazing the reason both sides dense forest a looking the layers of depth really the sting a while a I'm reminded of the what the paralysing trees so since sign a the reigning you Laura was #some I'm thinking as for me so is St so 12 hours my guess signed sign is the 11 the Oracle is capitalised why feel like some seaside West you this way that will be nice for the recording the the now raise the redline Silver's a what a white Maureen red-and-white mooring® was one of the once you must while you read Nancy the the right Laurie raise wines raise White was falling joint regional so sign sandbags signs emergency phone standing I like to Right still muddy with the Sydney writer Maureen defences why is still if you sign with the the seems like you or any change in the roadshow's I do remember driving through that they must my two ideas what to do with this text you you turn into a long you so turning the I think I would like to do as well as you you normally as you would print a novel structuring like Mark you the way the texts laid out the interesting we also take I need to former senses sign all now the would you sticks this discarded fences horizontal yellow's now the temporary road ring capsise splitting the road moving into narrow lanes driving should be okay the life Fields of the grass reminds me of Wales yellow wires this I don't ever notice while write with when almost rundown my most in the red zone really do services agency still an awareness I was a sign said it was coming Ward's 21 was last speech since the since I am also thinking about what same so it is strange result what you want this because seems the story is very now they're coming back into the full-size Rick cartoon house Ryan must be a place with for are you a modern the smiling woman the big glass a sign electric blue why you the four a I don't know Reading must be services you really like the way the rising I like in contemporary Japanese illustration there's always winter they use them as you she asked about the landscape is not true 06 website that having's way PepsiCo building Rosemary all all with PepsiCo name the company was Pepsi's the name what is lay with a giant inflatable obstacle course orange and white horse floating in the lake there the pylons and wires just passing as chefs with documents drivers sing a surreal turn even so so where Justin no reminds me of 31 texture why is the Reading services now the brass and reeds bring Field Watson was actually Brown white a what was lots of the like you see in all lines some the stacks of there is write down one's some recognising the signs you I think a going no one making good time all decorative boulders are one of the real when they get them from one of the ship in by boulders in order to decorate this service station when self-service dishes so we the filling theme parks signs directing around like I'm pulling into Center Parcs parking pulling up in the holiday inherently I just had my hair, foreign this driving was talking to the barber about how weird it was the a attention so my bobber about what their holiday in service stations that means there must be people staying but how many people a service station hotel nine with pass through so should I remember stopping with Zoe without my wiper fluid rose of what was leaking what is this truck full the right pay close attention so when I why stop you stop the recording imagine what happened inside really really hope the semi-signs of text and the right side of stop that's really bizarre where what how would anyone read I guess it's like terms and conditions signs are designed to not be read a really like they exist so the so the stopping the station with a one-time Right recording part two begins right now now I feel that was exactly the right things where more refreshed and I just this is really strange car in front of me was someone in the car park from sorry station was someone the winners in my year in school never ever spoken to but heard a lot about recently there are various reasons is just like incredibly strangely was there and I said this and I was so sure what to say I don't know probably don't like him he I don't know where you live around here in Reading University University of North so no reason natural about this idea I think that whatever it is what it is the idea is you think this lake to my left maybe the reservoirs because I can't imagine that the natural legs boys will Moyes was now in the service station when I was getting the restart once you see then really confused Looking one really strange a wrong a my client is no's that's not that's the disastrous time my life as is last things are was one of those as you when this driving to Wiltshire we described the situation doing a more experience knowledge and understanding is the first time the train the station you there were no buses what surrounds this very small town everyone loves outside is a man's when we got's 10 the next day so so the massive the holiday join obelisk they didn't know the way Watermill is Robin gives directions then we three point and it was well sitting up the killings you then an old man with with a short stick what the doing 11 talking to us about how the three with special especially magic and spirit because it was well over a thousand years old energy passing trees around so you only pick up the sticks naturally for we also used remember the giant mansion in the forest the Radiohead recorded in rainbows so that's and then when this was in summer when we drove back in the winter the same year we just drove the we drove straight up to the tree you left was like completely different experience like the previous time gain new skills and new understandings and this was yet this was after my first first few months in Southampton's hello both quite rough sometimes was different so that's all that both times trips we have Miss birds train on the way back train went through a tunnel sounded like the horn suddenly the carriage was filled with someone came in through the windows and what the yeah it felt quite like the moment the beginning of the present feathers everywhere this one causes the cardroom there were lots of flocks of blackbirds feeling completely and completely filling the sky apocalyptic Hitchcock blackbirds and so the summer trip was white feathers one sworn I don't know why you always have mystical experiences all of our time together was defined by these occasions driving these roads now I don't guess someone went to my school then things like that inflatable obstacle course one thing the same scale nothing seems falling trees light is reflecting green leaves really nice way trees coming up this hill vending upright a really amazing to me how works is still cool to see trees once knowing the direction of Ramsay and Simon the without knowing the following Hodges passed with a Ruth since so there's no need this trams gains fences and hedgerows and a small stream all the trees bending stream going down reminds me of the scenery and goes fishing the a Bracknell Right now is that same orangey yellow flower: in the trees since the see very clearly the birds are the ones there's a Hatcher's newly rowing evergreen trees to write the how is right as well standing up to what together wondering about what all this leaves are you naming it after the no red Plymouth 16 April or something like Road for all Road Road words one of my best dear in that field just standing Young Telegraph it was going still no section of road outside the region Dinning sections roadworks see house Washington Ryan so sweating and sticking to see it's amazing to me how sore throat is getting it doesn't feel like it should be I guess just talking constantly does the learner sign what is the road is normal the idea that the service station landscape comicstrip shapes like the Calvin and Hobbes something text will be formatted as line a continuous without any punctuation and beneath the line will be waveform audio file as I definitely want to was audio once you turn new material you a by this moment in time something home the turning pages being sounds James Rowe one thing the once inside Davies when those these lines turning pages rather than the so is the I don't know how the words weathering as say former so a; Right now has Sim you the road is fields thanksrising bills straight circularthe circular radius of my site the worldwide the idea that only see exists you this looking at the moment Sorensen 11 the no the same everything looks the same fields rising hedgerows but the disused posts barriers rails Saddam's there was nowhere the lines see the fading lines used to be you stop this so old wooden the phone wires a why do you you a wondering everyone was around the doing right now radio I wonder if there was are you going to doing users so a sunglasses wearing sling like there was rain this the the services this is stretched Ambien noises create some really strain so maybe you're reading this maybe Right now Right now the maybe a video you a was right light rays when why all running across a mountainside I'm expecting when I go to Bristol very slow moving traffic I like that sense of community that develops I wonder if uses a it is also very healthy's soul crushing a really fast film now motorway travel as the ability to for well stylist what makes stylistic elements so what and every symbolic imagery slow image seems realistic narratives as well abstracts you Santa starting to feel a little bit more excited and optimistic you a a the Right this blackmail's solid feel almost sci-fi the with so much dog around really bizarre these Shadow just like waste in this field also the while the one of those electronic signs you now join host all I guess some Paul Ryan you why is my bill lightning winding when Rod you signs of so panel by Ross interesting step like industrial wasteland in the same style applying his same ideas area I know this is done so areas someone buildings never seen running these are what conscious of the my you suddenly very heavy caffeine rush in my head as reading bubbling sad a Phil going going nowhere really also mercy the way everyone else everyone decided to leave as strong enough I don't know this the way the songs for this field Hale wash down you this is so much like Green light brown dog saturated this she yellow fields golden fields are coming up the distance going down's so far away that the small speculation scratchy now see how feel which watering this will Thompson senses take the one is some rain clouds as patches of Ray the sun is shining write the other fields around the plastic what is also dust stones dark shadow of Mount feel cartoonist Lee Roundhill metal read why whole post tower on top a no wires to all whites hostages see Morrison why I suppose just saw the number 120 my you really shaky very about everything a I really hope this is I don't have any doesn't work I have no more ideas I'm so working the in doing so until I saw my window the the a to why because ridges a sweating it was a bad idea feeling you suppose why like when I was watching spotlight this is really a spiral the front lawns of all Justice signed does soon Ryan just the pile of rubbish's so wires criss-crossing forms this motorbike I wonder with distance so I guess roads a multi-no it is really not I was some when when I was doing when I was having so I would have to write down my thoughts very specifically a what is when I was visiting all you will during some regularly has so a way my feelings those isolated and frayed Hungary's sleep on the floor for welcome that time that time I was coming back Phil really like a civil trying to feel like when was moving with her state wasn't when I came back real why you time even though stop months a this is what the wife well I didn't John I have no recollection why this exercise so just like Seymour runs again they must sound so the Rosebery middle directions rowing will road noise is very loud be able to hear myself dictation software a definitely anybody seen a nameless and faceless this a feel like you yourself are you are so the rate services a stable a several several words in the distance the the light while lowering the horizon into the skyline a Swansea well storm this is some so you you next the so sorry Rather than going the White House is what's just feels six all well Maureen driving to to the website of this logistics company's store while morning Mrs so time Alexis gently pressing the accelerator between 60 and 70 a nice you was Roy saw whilst's some sunbeams coming down site retractable keyhole Star Wars the one that is there are a lot of interesting signs of this journey when shed abroad Craig Mills is that's that's maybe I do the intention was consider my idea through surreal to see apparently since my motorways West a I will a story on motorways hi a I think maybe these's you remembering some remembering driving when you through so stress now I am alone this the also pylons is Ross Sue teenagers those guys's this emails covered in plastic since sign a this house science a a all so the services terrible the this text when you todayMike was maybe next stop so stressing signs there's so while a so's mail still this still these services are way the last one why you stop All this time a you vision visible form a taking a bit more casually most just take the reins I do the thing stopping halfway through was is Rosso following on's station will snap water so if you are listening to 1 Lord Mersey writes music for 18 musicians as mentioned driving this time so while site farmhouse was volunteer drivers says this this is while our is so horses Wightman smoke steering guardians what groups of friends some this is the Spring stop cycling a ultimately it would be reading this text Right now and the makes sense how someone so fragile just it was like something was I really thought something terrible you anxiety near Bristol the Irish time sign sign says the road soon so Bristol wondering what about's reactions were these well well is Brown Stadium rise one Rawson respondent so you Sony blasting #so really many just it is wrong to feel will together I know that you does seem that way someone so together once the's's so also while so many grassy fields so you this divided by a while did a with the's Ferrari Ms says driving never drive three as dies whether a small the growing metal box you you when writing this a source buildings nearby where the how is it still building works threateningquite nice personally colours which is nicer than a more oh Sue the horrible new are you nothing else, new buildings and disgusting resign busybody this another sign now the was what which white light the grasslands a Ron all the ruling was once join one side of three maybe maybe there was something there to when why the seven. Supported's really tiny tiny yellow sign danger a not a that's why this traffic slowed down maybe to go you work out my the rooms work out when I'm saying these new so distance so my words distance I am keeping my speeches really the more time between sentences now words stretching across.'s Sir Bristol most the final Exeter more rusting fences while the this that's just the animals while Storms so you can easily so I don't understand why you Ryan new fences construct a the racecourse as Angie's but this again wires some wires going down Brown dense with never Lawrence treatment if you really really want really wanted there are some fact is like once next to 1 definitely like hi maybe seriously the ability Right there's no you are signs of mental framework a the a Wales signed Aztec West what was billed being you yodel the authors you many cars Bristol since it was worse if almost all next between I will nine you driving about the as see now the Royal smokestacks industrial areas a single still with I would the the certain let's do I trouble's seemingly long journey everyone realised Right now 117 miles how was so was so sensitive there are because I like the way the lamppost was one Shane's most of this consistent with Ros motion six rains massive structures wind turbines again Roy sign his congestion so stencils Ryan's White's real well the 1 to signal veganism there is so 17 Right now worked where the white with you someone friendly you Rigel anticipating this with matching wines slowed down in the buildup to a reveals more side's Cielo water there's is smokestack buildings this mudflats is stored on the side of my went down see littering reflecting of the rooms most houses the lamppost more cars and write more cars Mosaic the the shape all rooms crests of waves rising water a Reg this is there's more white was's services you the site studies into busy I don't know what time you roam external works some the church all church Riggs Norton is not big stones rugby's 1 millions of houses a a while Field rugby pitches rugby what's this site the field was moving with by newly ploughed field orange and red no a one way she still once strangely major part of my's ridges side Lansing Holdings wrote most of the services Nicole a all some white wines now round along the mountainside drops away no the driving scenic routes in mountainous a seeing a film suit down to the below low when all when sight seeing views the this study was is this going uphill Hill drops so just science justice then you Hill's right needless a figurine background side Romney Ron's as a sign warning about this Morse rowing city sitting still on the right coming back down see this is the stretch of water water to to what with wires connecting and downs of the to the ground and steps and Ross Noah's Ark zoo range designed building mine shafts in line Eastern Eastern European architectural Middle East stranger as part what was what really when raving you this round when you Bob so many ways around them this flowering white white flowers crossing Simon signing all the house made of stone when a the housing so very joins ranging's White House seen earlier why everything is down one stranger 73 raise you the reason Django stands at Lord's in empty greenhouses white metal structure with glass is really muscle gains in this field gates so the mostly this overlapping radiance..Mike catches's a somewhere between Ray writing all of the surrounding railway rain Ring as was the when sewing lessons will allow no rusting metal containers what Wayne so a Right now as residential area I just don't versus what one great white mooring a one winds rendering a's while Rob sizeable services you maybe the is mostly one the such is the building New England you knows what hills going to like about the the Ros Rogers wintry Spring has reached this really the rest of Hill to why why are so single three's feel science is a subset sky's even less packaging radiance wisdom is right.a matching the direction wines of the why Ryan a worried chickens I believe you disused rundown buildings ridges such as the ribbon is rain extrasthe offences changing your your eyesight when your road as where slow-moving see the lines sections then one point when things move so this regrettably when you film you this is the this means rain fences is almost like. My letters freshly while's as holes what is building has a flag like while driving seaside sections where once stuff a wagons were you was sanding down's same, extras the aware of something when she Phil while you so if I sell you this is a range white this is separated from zigzags those services a services real for the seniors pale brown Orange the are you there was a strange rain you readingMichael the Sony well well a "crossing see the silhouettes profiles sign with there was Rosemary Morrisons warehouses no sorry some some see when they need to the statues you a rise how still still not many red Raiders lines on the edges and 18 so's feel to is Brown Langfield rewards resting a sleaze countries with Dr Ray dark green leaves growing the plastic grooves also trying was this's so a while the river so warehouses connecting pipes and tubes this the the lesson yellow building with white saying the for our a business when landing don't what strikes me badgers help how body they always that's just wedding when the bill you wipe the yellow she is rhyming you so it was the the services whether or not's a so one well a very red red soil now as was the way of these things this how a the wines that is plastic sheeting was see a also why while why rain others leaves still another red moorings soil type of soil the so so so right so why daffodils our system design one Rams Bob Dwyer yes that the temporary sign sign Brown sign tourist destinations councillors rooms next to you sports all all Stone a crossing the river a a more whilst with strange must be a winter non-traditional windmill spirals round circling around the post maybe as a wind speed measured only one manager with's one Fielding smaller is was is missing once Ms conditions door Ray smoggy rules are rules so when this this is to do with a that was Maureen cream, you specific slogan a going downhill Ryan with very spherical this leaves something looks like something dear why this view massive machine combine harvester services summary sky all not Ray Graham bounce around so why going you you go building are you the say describe feeling so this the just you the smile so somebody you this the she for was above those outbuildings one plastic bags once you are maybe there Gravity objects connects to I've always wondered if I don't know because citing the example sorry she Rome Ray a tyres when when most people why rain his one with flowers a a a's really what you no leaves at all one round what Fields of one differentiated in yellow teen sign flowers imagine's the a worried about really nice's where massive you is green Bristol now recently why a wires this you the the stop weeds then a a This is the last stretch now thank goodness we'll see one down old dusty dirty this home a a the way because of a the the those just round in a this this

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