It's A Permanent Expression (2017)

A drifter finds himself at the door of a shut-in, asking for shelter and a shower. This act of door-opening begins a spiralling and surreal love story as two broken boys battle against adolescent alcoholism, rotten teeth, a magic melodica, crippling claustrophobia and a shadowy creature, scratching from the corridor, threatening to tear them apart.

By Sam Machell and Luka Buntić


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A Bear On The Edge (2019)

Poor Bear, our favourite survival expert, is stuck in a sticky, sexy situation, hanging on the edge of a cliff, consuming poison endlessly.


Can You help him escape?

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Halcyon Waters Ultimate Fishing DVD

A collection of five fishing films. Collaged from found fishing DVDs, these films analyse a surreal subculture by psychedelically patch-working together moments of humour, eerie tension, excruciating boredom, and cathartic homoeroticism.

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